Build up your fortress —
with stone thick,
walls high —
shutter the windows
and seal the doors,
hide yourself within.

Think to hide from wind
and waves and the tumultuous
assault the world will bring.

But know this:
there are also storms
which rage within walls,
and care not
for your defenses.



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9 responses to “Fortress

  1. We have to watch the storms in life as they can be dangerous.

  2. Come what may, after it’s gone, keep the lesson.

    Beautifully written. Thanks for sharing. Take care and keep smiling.

  3. So true. From the outside other’s lives can look so calm, but we never know what is really going on.

  4. Meaningful and quite eloquent…

  5. Tess Kincaid

    Sometimes the inside storms are worse…

  6. Lyn

    A fair, true warning…and wise!

  7. More than one kind of storm, indeed. Nicely captured, Mark.

  8. Rage is no respecter of surroundings for sure!

  9. Inner storms do the most damage. This is excellent by the way.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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