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The leaves changed colors
when we were not
paying attention,

they fell while we
were busy worrying
about other things.

One day we noticed the trees
were bare, the birds
were gone, and the love

had grown cold while we
were busy worrying
about other things.


posted to the dVerse pub. Kind of opposite of what was asked for,
or a warning of what will happen if you don’t….



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What do you Believe?

I was somewhat taken aback
by the old man in my path,
who looked me in the eye
and had the nerve to ask:

What do you believe?

What will you stand for,
what will you die for,
or, perhaps more importantly,
what will you live for?

Do you believe in the man
who preaches from the pulpit,
or in the one who shed His blood,
breathed his last and said it is done?

Do you believe in might or your way as right,
in the power of love to overcome hate
or that evil will win if good men
refuse to fight.

Perhaps your belief is in a passive stance,
with the belief that a refusal to stand
will cause the other to back down,
and confrontation itself is where to lay the blame.

Do you believe your neighbor will come to your aid,
or that you will comfort them in time of need,
when neither you, nor they,
have ever named the other friend?

Do you put your faith in political leaders
and those in power, trusting in them
to do what is just and to put aside
their own self interest?

What is it? What is the one thing?
Is it family? Spouse, parent, child?
Maybe it is God, or at least his Book.
Or are you holding out hope for your fellow man?

What is it? What is the thing in which
you have not doubt? Can you name it?
Can you explain it? Do you show it with a passion
which others see? Can you make them believe?

I was stopped in my tracks
by the old man in my path,
who looked me in the eye
and had the nerve to ask,

What do you believe?

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Light behind,
night beyond the glass,

a dark void
which reveals
a shadowy reflection
I thought to escape.
Something for Margo’s prompt
Shadorma form


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Random Haiku

Fog, thick on the lake,
small ripples hidden beneath.
A day to reveal.

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A Place of Worship

Somewhere, sometime,
we lost our way.

Amidst the joy, tears,
redemption and salvation
we seem to have forgotten
the meaning of the words
and the value of works.

I have read the Bible (Well, to be honest, all of the New. the Pentateuch, Job and a smattering of the rest of the Old) and I do not recall the basis for some of the current practices. These ‘modern’ non-denominational Christian churches are all the rage. Teaching at a surface level, pop music, casual dress all in a shopping mall atmosphere. I know, it is all designed to make everyone feel comfortable, welcome, so that a new believer will not be intimidated. I am just not sure if the message of commitment, sacrifice and dedication is coming across. I also do not see how coffee shops and bookstores in the lobby are any different than money changers in the temple courts.

I am not sure when the first mega-church was built; around Constantine probably, shortly before or after. I am sure it was justified then much as it is now, allowing for larger congregations and more souls saved. However, I do not recall where Jesus spoke of building monuments or making them bigger, higher and more beautiful. Were they built, then and now, as a testament to the power and glory of God, or to satisfy the vanity and ego of those that reside within?

Do not misunderstand, I am Christian and I believe in tithing and giving of my time, treasure and talents. I believe that we are instructed to give and not be concerned about what is done with the gift. I know there are churches that do phenomenal things in their communities; feeding the poor, providing clothing and shelter, serving at soup kitchens and so much more. And I believe these are the majority of the churches. But when I see the monoliths to worship I do have to wonder how many could have been fed with the cost of construction.

I come to this place often,
late at night, with no one around,
and marvel at the majesty
of the construction.

There is confusion
and contradiction contained
in the arches and stained glass.
I read of humility and sacrifice
but see none in these stones.

I search the spires, the statues
and the carvings looking for what
to believe, while inside, there is an altar
to the efficacy of man.

I think I shall find more enlightenment
in the glow of this lonely streetlight.

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Shameless Self Promotion – The State of Things

Well, no one else is going to do it. 🙂

So, I have published a chapbook.

As it says in the title, it is not a ‘feel good’ book: don’t expect a love poem. It is a collection focused primarily on current events and the current political climate, most of the poems been seen on this site at one time or another.

I would be honored for you to have a copy (just click the picture) and to receive any feedback you would be willing to give. It is currently only available on Kindle (I will apologize for some formatting issues; converting poetry to Kindle is…unpredictable). If there is demand I will put out some print copies as well.

Thank you to those who follow this blog, and most especially to those who are willing to offer a comment now and then.


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