The summer days burn more each day,
steam rises from doused pavement,
sudden storms flair and fade,
evening exhales a calm breeze.

Steam rises from doused pavement
heat shimmers and swirls
passion rises with the mercury.

Sudden storms flair and fade,
emotions flash and roar
then memories on the horizon.

Evening exhales a calm breeze,
comfort in the twilight,
clear skies and peace



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11 responses to “Lifespan

  1. love the gentleness flowing throughout this piece

  2. Love how you capture the cycle of nature from hot summer days to calm evening breeze. The last stanza brings a lot of comfort and peace.

  3. On the front porch this morning, enjoying exactly what you’ve described in Stanza 4 (substitute “morning” for “evening” and “sunrise” for “twilight”) & admiring your ability to depict it so perfectly.

  4. I love all the changing moods and temperatures being expressed throughout this piece, Mark 🙂 Especially the lines: passion rises with the mercury / evening exhales a calm breeze.

  5. What a perfect title! And, a hopeful message. Bravo!

  6. Really enjoyed the progression of your thoughts, ending in one blissful sigh here in my corner of the world.

  7. sanaarizvi

    This hits close to home as Summer continues to blaze with its sweltering heat. Gorgeously rendered 💝💝

  8. Nicely done with human nature and the rest of nature linked.

  9. Mark,
    Enjoyed your weaving of the persona’s inner turmoil to the weather, and then the concluding twilight of peace.

  10. I can really feel this, the weather is exactly like you describe it.

  11. This poem is like a meditative exhalation, ending in a long, slow, peaceful breath: beautiful!

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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