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Oh, the Guilt

The guilt already felt oppressive,
shame for a decision made,
a course of action
about to be consummated ,

and then…

the guy behind me
in the drive-thru line
ordered a fried bologna biscuit…

and I knew I had to have one.


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First Blooms

The first pink of the pear trees
greets the early warmth
of late February.

I fear the blooms come
to soon, the cold
has yet to run its course.

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outside my window
birds trill their joy
as the sun’s warmth
dries limb and leaf

snow and ice
cling to the shadows
and claim them
as their domain

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trees no more
than a blur
in peripheral vision…

as if speed
could create
enough distance.

vultures flee
as I hurtle by,

carrion left strewn
along the way.


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Morning Memories

There is mystery
in her eyes,
a playfulness
in her kiss,
and a hollow void
in the indention
where once she did lay
on my bed.


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Rosebuds and Lists

There were gutsy items on the list:

pluck a feather from an owl
as he sleeps, or the whisker
of a tiger fully awake;

lay still in a mountain stream until
the flow of cold water over my body
brings the peace of a silent mind;

ring in a new year astride the international
date line, invisible marker dividing
tomorrow from today.

Each line of type reveals a dream
devoid of normalcy or routine.

Sadly, it is often in the making of a final list
when we grasp why Herrick urges
the virgins to gather rosebuds.



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Beach Dancer

The fire burns low,
two empty wine bottles —
a white and a red — lay
forgotten on the sand.

Light from a crescent moon
decorates the waves.

I recline on the blanket and watch
as the music
of the night coils
around her as she dances.


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