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Speaking Softly

change my dear, and it seems not a moment too soon

(Photo credit: Johnson Cameraface)

Lean in closer,
let your hair fall
around me
as I whisper,
for you alone to hear,
words of affection
like butterfly breath
upon your ear.

Listen closer
to the meaning
I intend,
for mere words
will fail again to
impart the depths
of the love
I feel.

English: Photograph of a Monarch Butterfly.

Butterfly Effect

I see it
feel it
live it
each time you unfold
a flutter of incense
to soothe a soul
my attracted opposite
Monarch to my tortoise
blue to my brown
delicate to my bristle
vulnerable to my guarded
beauty to my ugly
reason for

Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect (Photo credit: Cali4beach)

Lingering Dream

In that half-awake state —
aware of dawn of my face
while still reveling
in my dreams —
I can feel,
soft as snow falling
through fog,
her butterfly kisses
upon my cheek,
brushed away each morning,
along with a single shed tear,
as I remember
all I will see
when greeting the day
will be the dust motes
dancing in the light
to the music of her
as it fades back
into the



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Keeping Score

She kept score,
I always knew she did,
a personality flaw,
she could not help it.

Every transgression,
slip of the tongue,
failure to kiss goodnight
or hold open a door.

All made it on her
mental tally sheet.

Her schedule of indebtedness
was fair though, caring
and consideration were given
equal, or greater, marks.

Flowers, wine and candlelight
always served to clean the slate.
Occasionally, just for fun, I would
ask, ‘What’s the score?’

She would smile and shake
her head while making a tick
mark in the air with her finger.
In which column, I did not know.

green tick graphic






Written for the second prompt for the

33rd Trifecta Challenge


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Looking For My Alice

She would tell me when she was young
of her dreams to go there some day,
to have tea with madmen and conversations
with disappearing cats.

We would laugh at the absurdity
of twins named Tweedle and stay
up late mapping out adventures
and battles with the red queen.

I worried somewhat when she
was older, pining for a time when
she could return to the oversized
forest where rabbits wore waistcoats.

I attributed it to youthful exuberance —
holding on to a piece of her childhood —
exalting in her innocence, pleased
she was delaying growing up.

Now, years later, she cannot be found,
leaving behind a mysterious note:
‘Gone back down the rabbit hole at last,
wish me luck against the Jabberwok!’

"Feeding the Rabbits" also known as ...








Written for the third prompt of the

thirty-third Trifecta Challenge



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Boxes in the Basement

I found her in the basement,
amidst open boxes,
packing paper and bubble
wrap surrounding her
like a vigilant prayer circle.

She had found a hammer.

Between sobs she would
strike the pictures pulled
from the boxes,
intent to pulverize the glass
and frames protecting
a painful past.

I made no attempt
to hamper her efforts.

There comes a time
when it is necessary
to lash out at memories
when they taunt our joy
and haunt our peace.

Written for Three Word Wednesday.


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The Smoke

………………Sculpt your
……………………in the opium
loosen the locks
………release your
……….relish these moments
….of free
………..for when the
….breeze blows
…………….and the smoke










A second for Shawna’s Monday Melting word list.


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Her Favorite Shop

to the HIppie-Chick
Market & Yoga Cafe.

Come in, check out.
We have everything you need
to free your mind,
rejuvenate your body,
cleanse your soul,
awaken your senses.

All natural herbal raspberry
tea to soothe your sleep,
fresh roasted espresso
to start a perfect day.

Patchouli incense to clear
the air of negativity,
rose water for your bath,
made with unaltered rain
captured from the highest

A tie dye sundress…
just because it looks great
with your eyes,
and…this. A magnificent,
hand-carved, red sandalwood
drum for when you dance.
Oh yes, you will dance.

relax, stretch a bit,
I highly recommend Lotus
in our Sun Room to sculpt
your vision for the rest of your

We will have everything
wrapped and packaged
for you when your ready.
Thank you for choosing
us for your enlightenment.

Sunset Hippy Chick

Written for Shawna’s Monday Melting word list and inspired by her description of her weekend shopping activities. 🙂


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In His Hand

We used to sing the song
in Sunday school,

He’s got the whole world

And I was never able to
grasp the concept.

In his hands

I studied when I was older
and struggled with omnipotence.

The whole wide world

Now I wonder when He
will anger enough to squeeze.

In his hands…


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He ruled
with intimidation,
threats, sheer will
and intimidating size.

Until one thought
to hold up a hand,
offer a defence
and say



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Hard Decisions

We read the articles,
research the possibilities,
seek out the experts —
no eureka moments.
Gazing into the crystal
leads only to murky
visions and the tears
of hard decisions.
Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball (Photo credit: UnnarYmir)




Well, today pretty much sucks. One of our beloved pets has suddenly become very aggressive with our other dogs, to the point of me having to pry her jaws open to release the neck of another. She is exceptionally sweet to us, fun loving and craving of attention, but everything we read and everyone we talk to leads us to pretty limited options. None of which we like. Today pretty much sucks.


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Hiding From Sunset

Late in the day I gravitate to the back
room with its east facing window.
My domain, an aesthetically flawed
montage of memorabilia and ample quiet.

It lacks a woman’s touch — no scents
of jasmine or scrap of bright color,
no personal pictures on the wall —
granite tabletops, dark leather furniture,

a view of the shadowed garden.
I wait in this room for night
to fall, whistle bawdy tunes to keep
Sinatra slow dances from my mind. 

Full dark quells the fear
of the west rooms where demons
are trapped in the sunset, waiting
for me to release them.

Sunset Over Lake in Palm Beach County Florida

Sunset Over Lake in Palm Beach County Florida (Photo credit: Captain Kimo)







Written for the Sunday Whirl. Really had a hard time fitting ‘whistle’ in there…not real happy with those couple of lines. All in all, a tough word list for me this week.



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