It took two days,
but I cleaned out
all the beer.
Tonight, I am thinking
There is enough rum
for Cuba Libras
and for Mai Tai’s the day

By then it will be a choice
red wine and whiskey.
At some point we will need
more booze,
you will realize that you
are the reason
I drink.




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20 responses to “Drinks

  1. Great ending! Well, I guess that depends upon who is reading it.;)

  2. I would guess that this poem would resonate with some people. I would guess, pessimistically, that there will be more booze!

  3. ouch.
    that last bit def puts it in perspective

  4. ugh…that is painful indeed…

  5. Ugh…that is painful. You painted a strong picture with your words!

  6. That last line… a punch in the gut.. but soo good… truth sometimes has to be dulled like that.

  7. owwwiii! who me???!!!??? Yeah, have a Vodka and chambord for me, too 🙂

  8. Wondered where you were going with this, but the ending is brilliant.

  9. Something tells me it will be the former, not the latter.

  10. I AM the reason you drink. I HOLD YOU DOWN and pour the stuff down your throat. I AM WHO makes you rstless, irritable, and discontent, when you have gone a number of hours without a drink. It is ME, the one who instill into your system that phenomenon of
    C R A V I N G …

    It is also my doing which gives you the EFFECT you love so much, that is produced by drinking alcohol.

    Some day you’ll thank me–grin!!!

  11. That felt like a shot. All the power at the end, sending that little shiver up your spine. Well done!

  12. “You are the reason I drink” (or you are the excuse I use to drink). Well written and really brings the point home. Known a few in my lifetime who’ve found similar “excuses.” Sorry, no one can force us to do something unless we also choose too, or unless we are just looking for a “crutch.” It’s called “free will,” and we all make our own choices. Choose wisely!

  13. sadly, all too relate-able, that punch-in-the-soul ending.

  14. Ouch, ouch, ouch! Painful. Yet very funny as well.

  15. and a shot of bitters right at the end…what a great piece. A cocktail and a list and a sharp crack of broken glass. Nicely done.

  16. poetrypea

    My friend would give you a good talking to. She would say no one makes you do anything, you allow it. I usually sulk and thank her later.

  17. Haha! I love this! So real life. Been there, done that!

  18. Wow! That would be a striking way to get the message across.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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