A Study of the Hypocrisy of Hatred, Sanctimony, Self-Delusion, Blind Followers and Other Tools of Political Belief and Activism

As supposedly self aware beings, it is somewhat disturbing how we find comfort in the lies spewing from the mouths of the politicians we support. All while feeling smugly justified in our hatred of the lies erupting from the politician we oppose, somehow firmly believing that ‘our side’s’ lies are morally superior to ‘their’ lies.

I am not sure which scares me more: blind faith in a politician by their followers, or the fiery hate and outrage of their detractors. Neither of which has based their perception on much more than what their favored media outlet has chosen to propagate. Facts now being subjective and manipulated. 

Political ‘success’ has come to be measured by who can ‘take control’ of government, and who can better turn neighbor against neighbor. We all proclaim ‘I am bombarded, yet I stand.’ But at what cost, and what prize?

So…..my reading of the prompt instructions hit a nerve
and led to a rant….sorta sorry, but not.
I am sure my words will probably hit a few nerves too.



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11 responses to “A Study of the Hypocrisy of Hatred, Sanctimony, Self-Delusion, Blind Followers and Other Tools of Political Belief and Activism

  1. Blind acceptance of anything is not good. A fanatic is a fanatic.
    Lots of people simply read and post memes and soundbites.

  2. Beverly Crawford

    Painfully, so much truth here. Somewhere, in the middle of all the lies, the truth stands, which would be a revelation to either side!

  3. It does seem both parties stoke division and polarity just to energize their followers. Politics is a lesson in psychology anymore, great write!

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more. There’s nothing and no one to admire in politics.

  5. I agree! Politicians are playing a dangerous game of ‘divide and conquer’ – and we play into their hands so easily!

  6. Mark, this is pretty much exactly true. Polarization is the primary villain. It’s totally reasonable to have a group identity, but when it becomes entrenched… and when the other group becomes your enemy… that’s when societies start to fall apart.


  7. Ain

    Well THAT was just so true! Well-written, undoubtedly, but even more important is just how squarely you hit the nail on the head. Wonderful read.

  8. You certainly do not owe an apology for this candid, honest, timely rant! Well done, my friend.

  9. psyche

    I love lengthy titles.

  10. And so it is.
    “…and they carrying signs…
    Mostly say, “Hooray for our side..”
    Well done.

  11. I agree… truth seems to be scarce… and even more the half-truths.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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