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A Study of the Hypocrisy of Hatred, Sanctimony, Self-Delusion, Blind Followers and Other Tools of Political Belief and Activism

As supposedly self aware beings, it is somewhat disturbing how we find comfort in the lies spewing from the mouths of the politicians we support. All while feeling smugly justified in our hatred of the lies erupting from the politician we oppose, somehow firmly believing that ‘our side’s’ lies are morally superior to ‘their’ lies.

I am not sure which scares me more: blind faith in a politician by their followers, or the fiery hate and outrage of their detractors. Neither of which has based their perception on much more than what their favored media outlet has chosen to propagate. Facts now being subjective and manipulated. 

Political ‘success’ has come to be measured by who can ‘take control’ of government, and who can better turn neighbor against neighbor. We all proclaim ‘I am bombarded, yet I stand.’ But at what cost, and what prize?

So… reading of the prompt instructions hit a nerve
and led to a rant….sorta sorry, but not.
I am sure my words will probably hit a few nerves too.


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Post Election Haiku – Working Title: Get Over It Already

The sun rose again,
odds are it will tomorrow.
Our lives have not changed.

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Speech – American Sentences

A politician speaks, everyone hears what they set out to hear.
A politician speaks, his country aches with the weight of promises.
A politician speaks to a body who shares in his duplicity.
A politician speaks, tomorrow we will rehash every last word.
A politician speaks, a soldier dies, a mother cries, rinse, repeat.


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Prepare to be Offended

I have reached a point of not
really giving a damn about what
you may be offended by.
Not a Rhett Butler scolding
a spoiled child kind of ambivalence,
no, more like angry
get out of my face before I lash out
in unrepentant violence
kind of scorn.

I find lately that I am inherently violent,
restrained only by propriety
and a rapidly becoming outdated
morality. To clarify,
I do not seek confrontation,
but have come to believe
myself capable of an extreme response.

I find I watch people more,
question their motives and intentions first
with no real concern as to how
they might feel about such scrutiny.
And if you are perhaps a bit more swarthy
than I, or if you display signs
of a faith more Eastern than mine,
and my gaze lingers on you longer
than the redneck with the Confederate flag tattoo,
well, too damn bad.  The circumstances
of reality now supercede political correctness. I intend to engage
in a private profiling.

I look at my daughter, my son, my wife,
and realize that I cannot define
the limits of my response were someone
to inflict harm upon them.
I do not believe I would be capable
of placing forgiveness before retribution.

The steel jabs into the roll of fat above
my belt, just above my kidney,
but the discomfort is secondary
to the unease I would feel
were it not there. I get more used
to it every day.

You may protest me if you like.
My willingness to respond to violence
with greater violence — without remorse
or conscious — may appal you.
Does the very fact of my existence
offend you?

As I stated before,
I just don’t give a damn.

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Shameless Self Promotion – The State of Things

Well, no one else is going to do it. 🙂

So, I have published a chapbook.

As it says in the title, it is not a ‘feel good’ book: don’t expect a love poem. It is a collection focused primarily on current events and the current political climate, most of the poems been seen on this site at one time or another.

I would be honored for you to have a copy (just click the picture) and to receive any feedback you would be willing to give. It is currently only available on Kindle (I will apologize for some formatting issues; converting poetry to Kindle is…unpredictable). If there is demand I will put out some print copies as well.

Thank you to those who follow this blog, and most especially to those who are willing to offer a comment now and then.


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Statistics and Flood Prevention

The lake was lowered over the weekend,
last remnant of summer drained
like mercury from a broken thermometer,
where there was calm water on Friday,
nestled against a tree lined shore,
Monday reveals barren mud flats,
less than a trickle flowing under the bridge,
cracks already forming as the dirt dries.

The lake is in a prosperous county
where last year there were almost
10,000 children born — 3,300 of which
were to unwed mothers, another 900
to teenagers — and 2,700 conceptions
were classified as induced terminations.
Twelve percent of the population receives
government assistance, $200 million worth
of lottery sales, $10 billion deposited into banks
and forty-five hundred reported cases of child abuse.

On Tuesday there was an election: people
in office changed, party control changed.
Wednesday morning, the victorious
rhetoric filling the airwaves was strangely familiar.
Wednesday night a nineteen year old boy
was arrested when found standing over the man
he had stabbed to death, his father. There was
no mention of whether either had voted.

Come spring, the newly elected will be
in office — learning the expectations and rewards
of power and control — filling the air
with empty promises and their version
of vacuous pomposity. The gates on the dam
will close with the coming of rain, returning
the lake to the tree line and hiding the mud
beneath artificial waves. More scared girls
will be making appointments at the clinics,
and more young men will be going to jail.
The political season has turned. Nothing
of importance has changed.

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Shall We Have Coffee First?

It happened once,
several times,
a Jew, a Muslim and a Christian
came together over
a beverage — no, this is not the beginning
of a joke looking for a punchline, and no,
the choice of beverage is not important,
let’s say it was coffee — as friends…

Conversation outlasts the heat
from the cups, smiles and companionship
overcome any differences — which never
come up.

A couple of friends join each: the talk
remains amiable, but there are polite debates,
both religious and philosophical.

The crowd grows, and becomes segregated,
each choosing to associate with their own,
glances are exchanged, disbelief at the
other’s ignorance is mumbled just loud
enough to be overheard.

When the numbers swell the groups
separate into different establishments,
refusing to drink what the others
are drinking, refusing to allow any
of the ‘others’ into their place.

Lines are drawn when the animosity
and populations are of sufficient size,
rocks and insults frequently being
hurled across.

At some point one, or another depending
on the century, decides they have
endured enough of rocks, or insults.

Puzzling, is it not, how a cup
of coffee can lead to war.


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I hope there is a threshold
to the amount
of control and deceit we
are willing to accept,

but I am skeptical,

how often we bow
to the bold, those
of pretend might
and slight morals.

We try to unwind in the evening;
a drink, news stories saturated
with symptoms — “the ninth shooting
downtown this month””hundreds
of live-birth abortions performed” —
so we sigh, change the channel
and hide from truth,

and because we hide,
politicians become more
powerful, the elite stronger
and all others weaker.
Each day another well-intentioned
lie takes takes away
another freedom, another right,
another choice.

Some hold out hope,
some pray,
for a worthy leader
with real solutions,
but the sword stays
in the stone.



For the Sunday Whirl


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Where Dreams Are Made

Once again, I feel I will end up being a voice of dissent in this weeks Wednesday Wake Up Prompt from New World Creative Union. Natasha provided a trailer of the film Zeitgeist, a movie I have not seen. Check it out and form your own opinion. At first appearance, it seems to be a condemnation twentieth century warfare and human rights abuses, most likely heavily slanted towards hatred of western governments. What little I have read about it (admittedly, from Wikipedia which is of questionable reliability) indicates that it is loaded with conspiracy theories (just because you are paranoid does not mean that everyone is not out to get you) and anti-religious rhetoric. Research it and form your own opinion. Mine comes from an admitted right-wing, conservative, capitalist bias. Can you look past yours?

Where Dreams Are Made

In the place
where dreams are made
a marionette with no strings
dances with an unwounded soldier.

Tables are set each day
with feast for the dirty and clean
of every belief,
and each do their share
for the right to partake.

Weapons are a thing of history,
an oddity of no conceivable use,
evil defeated,
all rights respected,
no women or children abused.

this is not that place.

Some tables are destined
to be empty,
because the takers
never produce.

Guns are still needed,
lest we all suffer abuse.
Soldiers die
because some things
are worth fighting for.
it is the only way.

There is always a
puppet master
pulling the strings,
only the truly naive
their side exempt.

There is evil in this world; plain and simple.
It is not interested in talking to you.
It does not want to be your friend.
It does not respond to negotiation.
It does not respect a position of weakness.
It does not play by your rules.
Its only interest is power and domination.
Its only acceptable outcome is your complete and total submission.

You have two basic decisions to make:

1) Choose who you think is evil
(this one could be a matter of degrees. I do not pretend that there are not elements of evil on all sides)

2) Will you submit? Or defend yourself?


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For What It’s Worth: Change

For the Wednesday Wake Up call New World Creative Union gives us a prompt focused on current events and how we can be a force for change. I hesitated a great deal in even formulating a response to this prompt, much less posting one. I steer clear of politics on this blog whenever I can. Poetry and the creative arts are typically the domain of those from a different political spectrum than myself. I try to be rational and listen to all arguments, but to be honest and up front – my political beliefs are conservative to the point of being somewhat to the right of Sean Hannity.

So, before going forward I will offer this disclaimer: if you believe that Rush Limbaugh is the Anti-Christ and that George Bush is solely responsible for all evil and tragedy in the world, you should probably not read further.

That being said, what I have put together is part poetry, part essay, part rant and a lot longer than I intended. And I still did not cover the greatest portion of what I wanted to. Those of you that have been around my blog a while may have seen some of the poetry used here. The essay is original to today. If you dare, below is my response to the prompt, For What it’s Worth: Change.



“Pound’s Crazy. All poets are. They have to be”

-Ernest Hemingway

“Addressing crowds through their arse-holes”

– Ezra Pound


Who should we arrest,

if we were still to imprison

those that spoke their mind

against Country – calling it treason?

Right wing radicals,

content with continuing Capitalism?

Left wing loonies,

sure that Socialism is the solution?


“I did not have sexual relations…”

Wait – wrong guy.

That was the rich white Democrat from

decadent decades past;

not the rich black Republican

with an equally faulty memory.

Will he too get a media pass?


Occupy schmockupy.

What are you protesting again?

Oh…No, still don’t get it;

explain it to me again.

How is your fornicating in the park

and defecating in the street

morally superior to proverbial pillaging

by ‘rich’ of both left and right?


Maybe bigger prisons are the answer;

politicians, lawyers, media, protestors too.

Reboot this circus-government-machine,

restore the original settings.


We live in an interesting time. I suppose the term ‘crossroads’ would apply, but, to me, not to any greater degree than it applied to Hitler’s invasion of Poland, the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, the US Civil War, French Revolution, American Revolution, the Fall of Rome, Fall of the Berlin Wall or any other great time of change in human history. It seems so important to us now because we are living it.

Change also seems to be coming at us a lot faster. Since the time of the Industrial Revolution (we need a word to replace ‘revolution’) the world has seen technological advances come about in a time frame that is unsurpassed in human history. In less than two hundred years we have gone from horses and buggies to space flight, from the pony express to countless methods of instantaneous communication to anywhere in the world. Change happens fast now, and everyone knows about it immediately.

There is also greater opportunity for the individual to make a difference than ever before. Through blogs and Twitter and FaceBook (and a LOT of others) it is now possible to create an almost instant audience for your message. This has created a rather interesting paradox in modern conflict; that of the individual versus the group. It seems that every group claims to be fighting for the right of the individual, typically at the expense of the individual rights of another group. Typically, these actions are justified by catch phrases that use righteous sounding words like “fairness” and “equality”.

I think this focus by groups on forcing individuals to act in a certain way is what concerns me most about our current state of politics and activism. There is a resurfacing attitude that the collective is better at making certain decisions and performing certain actions than the individual. The “collective” in this case is any regulatory body, government, or agency/group that speaks for its members, such as labor unions and the NAACP to name a couple. These collectives have effectively, or are working diligently to, taken over the decision-making process from the individual in such areas as income production, health care, education, transportation, self-protection and charity. Charity? Sure, lets start with that one.

Will Work For Food

I despise my



and all that it



tired of gas fumes



cold, heat and spare



mostly I hate



you go to great



to avoid my



Did you feed this guy today? Give him some money for… whatever he wants money for? Offer him a job? Offer to take him to the shelter? Whether you did or didn’t is not really the point. The point is that the government has decided that they are better qualified to take action on his part than you are. They, along with a large segment of the population, now feel that taking care of the indigent, the homeless, the sick, the jobless, the unwed mother and the elderly is within their purview. Tasks that until the 1950’s were handled by family, the church and private organizations supported by private money.

Now, the ironic part about this is that more government takes on these roles the harder it is for private organizations and individuals to do so. Why? Why, money, of course. You see, in order for the government to provide these services they have to have money. The only way government can get money is to take it from individuals. The less money individuals have the less they can give to charities, or churches that help the poor, or even have to take care of family members. Now, the U.S. government has made it even more difficult by cutting in half the amount that can be deducted for charitable giving. Once again pushing those in need towards government assistance, or panhandling on the side of the road.

This is just one instance where we are steadily giving bits of our lives and freedom over to the control of others. I had planned on covering all of them, but this is getting really long already.

The one last point I will make is on the subject on the Occupy movement. I do not profess to understand exactly what it is they are protesting or why they target whom they do. The “1%” are not as big a threat as the government we seem to prefer. The 1% actually feed money into the economy instead of siphoning it off. They build companies that provide jobs, invest their money so others can profit from it. Their only crime is being successful. Unfortunately, a goal has been set of achieving equality and fairness. Sadly, the methodology chosen for achieving this is to bring down the successful instead of helping others become successful.

I believe that real power for change belongs with the individual, and we are steadily giving up that ability by turning over excessive amounts of power to the collectives. I do believe change is needed in many areas, but I do also believe we are going down a dangerous path.

Remember, primarily wealthy landowners, the 1% of their time, formed the United States when they became tired of oppressive government and excessive taxation.

Hate Speech

It has been confirmed that I am among

the most evil of creatures remaining on earth:

The white, Christian, conservative, straight male.

I alone among the tribes of the world are others

allowed to hate solely based on what I am,

while anything I express in disagreement with

another’s beliefs is considered “hate speech”.


I do not agree with Muslims and their oppressive,

repressive Sharia law that kills gays and abuses women;

but, I do not hate them – surely not as much as they me.


I do not agree with homosexuality, and saying so is

enough to have me ostracized. But I do not hate them

and have never acted or protested against them.


I do not agree with liberal, socialist politics and those

that promote government dependence and a policy of

lowering to the least common denominator instead of

working to raise everyone to a higher standard. But, I do

not hate them or turn to personal attacks as my argument.


Why is it that it has become socially and politically acceptable

to publicly, and harshly, lambast me personally for my beliefs,

but any general opinion or belief I may express is called “hate”?


America the Beautiful


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

America the beautiful,


Diverse in terrain, people and architecture,

Splendid in its allure,

Mountain, desert, forest and sea.


Home of the brave,

Without question!

Pay your respects to the greatest of any fighting force;

Politics be damned, staying the course,

Apparent last defender of an idealistic bastion.


Land of the free?

One begins to wonder….

Dependent, learning to vote for sustenance.

“Politician” uttered as profanity, a career instead of a service;

Bloated on corruption, committed to a course of plunder.


The American Dream,

Alive… assailed.

Success demonized by agenda driven media,

Intention the primary standard, profit a stigma,

A people bereft of the great Pursuit and all it entailed.




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