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At first glance, senseless seemed
an appropriate word — something
stupid or foolish — for the actions
splashed on front pages

radiation levels rise in the sands
of the middle-east, premonition
of proliferation

Nordic fighter jets rise to meet
the tests of Bolshevik bombers,
memories of colder times

U.S. Special Forces train amongst
their own, invading towns where
civilians may become known as enemy

Allies are treated as enemies,
old secrets revealed,
history forgotten, or ignored

In Ferguson, it is no longer a matter
of black against white — as if it ever was —
as black protestors attack black cops

then I read the other definition — done
or happening for no reason — and realized
the problem; there has to be a reason,
we just haven’t figured it out…yet.

The cries of children echo amidst
the cold mountain winds, while reporters
try to dig a ‘why’ from a crash site


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Life’s longest moments,
are filled with a lack of news.
Waiting room boredom.


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