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You can trace the scars and stretch marks 
where they have marked time and marred the flesh.

Each wound reveals a history of love,
pain and refusals to die.

We should not cover them, instead, 
accept they are part of who we are.

Nor should we celebrate, for most merely 
hide the deeper ones within.

Grow from the pain, for many
must be broken before they are made whole. prompts for a poem based on ‘one true sentence’ of Hemingway’s. I chose
“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.”
–A Farewell to Arms (1929)

And sense a ‘sentence’ was the subject, each stanza is written in the form of an American Sentence of Allen Ginsburg.



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The summer days burn more each day,
steam rises from doused pavement,
sudden storms flair and fade,
evening exhales a calm breeze.

Steam rises from doused pavement
heat shimmers and swirls
passion rises with the mercury.

Sudden storms flair and fade,
emotions flash and roar
then memories on the horizon.

Evening exhales a calm breeze,
comfort in the twilight,
clear skies and peace


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