Hate – You Might Call it a Rant

While I do not apologize for anything that follows, I will warn you that you will find nothing politically correct here.


Hate exploded in Boston —
call it a bomb if you like —
pure, brainwashed hate,

an attack meant to test
our resilience, to shock
and instill fear. A promise
of further death and terror
on our land, a threat of a
continued struggle from
which there is no shelter.

They call us infidels, the Great Satan.
Quite simply they hate us — our
politics, our culture, our lifestyle,
our government and our freedoms —
and wish us destroyed.

Will you continue to defend them,
make excuses and place the blame
back on us? You, feminist? They hate
you, believe women should be subservient,
maim those that disobey or attempt
to be educated. Gay rights activist? They
kill homosexuals just for what they are.
Free speech activist? You would be arrested
and tortured for speaking against them. Freedom
of/from religion? No. You will believe as they
or be destroyed. What excuse will you make
for them this time?

An attack of hate, targeting innocents —
children, women, bystanders — who
had done them no harm. And, no,
you cannot compare this to combat
strikes in Afghanistan: we do not hide
our soldiers among civilians and then
thrive on propaganda and publicity
when non-combatants get in harms way.

My capacity for understanding is spent.
I harden my resolve and heart, return
their enmity. My oars are shipped, I
am prepared for battle.
Will you hate me for hating those
who hate me, or merely make excuses
for them when they bomb
my neighborhood?


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9 responses to “Hate – You Might Call it a Rant

  1. It’s time to stop expressing opinion and start taking action…

    • Excellent write, very thought-provoking and to the point. There are no excuses for people who target innocents in the name of their cause, and I also do not appreciate those in our own country who would make excuses for them. How quick they are to forget 9/11, even when the carnage comes home to us again and again. Whether internal or external terrorism, the punishment should be as swift and severe as the crime that was committed. Do those with so little respect for life deserve anything less?

  2. You express what many felt after the terrible tragedy on Monday. God bless the people of Boston.

  3. Phew…you really let it go. And whether politically correct or not, anger over this incomprehensible bombing is appropriate and necessary, so is shock, and grief, and disbelief, and eventual mobilization and defense.

  4. Excellent rant. Glad you could express and hopefully feel some catharsis.

  5. If we cannot accept a difference of opinion we are as guilty as they. We are between a rock and a hard place. There will be more tears to come.

  6. Great piece, yea better get off your chest. But I think in the end , the unknown God will have the finally say of all of this

  7. Sometimes there is no God, no justice. Infidels rule the world…

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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