Day 16 – Stolen Lines

I told Margo I was not good at ‘found’ poetry, so it is only fitting when I should try that I should choose her to ‘steal’ from. All of the following words/lines are taken from poems she has posted on her website this month.


Second Chances

Without her, a world of silences, the small death
splashed against a whitewashed wall–

footsteps shuffle over carpet.

Purse your lips;
erasing fears
removing doubt.
I want your hands on my eyes.

We stand,
look outwards and inwards,
too exhausted to talk.



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6 responses to “Day 16 – Stolen Lines

  1. Ahh [which, by now, you know means, I love it]. You can no longer say you are not good at found poetry. You clearly have an eye and ear for this kind of found poetry. I am delighted. What do you think? Did you enjoy it? And, do you want a possible next step option?

    I had a blast trying to remember the poems without giving in and going to look. Yes, my brain is in that bad a shape.

    • glad you enjoyed it. It was fun, a bit more analytical than creative, so i was able to stay in left-brain mode, since the right had completely shut down for the day. Followed your guidance, pulled out lines, double spaced, then started moving around.

      and of course I will entertain a ‘possible next step option’.

      • I thought you might :-), although right brain may need to be up and going. Your choices are to leave a found poem as a verbatim remix or, you can begin to make it yours. That means you can mess with it. How much you mess with a poem determines whether, at the end, you need attribution. Remove stuff, add stuff, figure the story you want to tell and do so. It’s a bit more of a challenge, but you aren’t worrying about my words any longer. You are busy making them yours.

      • I consider that almost the same thing as an art ekphrastic, and I do that on occasion with prompts I am stuck on. I will read some of the post and inevitably I will get through one and have an ‘aha, that is the direction I am going to go.’ and more often than not it really has nothing to do with what I read, some word or phrase just spurred an idea

      • Anything that works…

      • which is not to say it is a bad idea. Good starting points can be hard to come by. 🙂

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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