I found out today the custodian
for our office
had passed away.

We often exchanged pleasantries
when passing in the hall,
she always had a smile.

I never did learn her name,
or where to send
the flowers.


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9 responses to “Anonymous

  1. scotthastiepoet

    Very poignant Mark. There is a truth here…

  2. This one hits close to home. Good one Mark.

  3. Such a shame! We often don’t reach out until it is too late.

  4. Beverly Crawford

    An evocative write. Ships passing in the night, and yet a vacancy is sensed.

  5. I find this poignant too. Makes us cherish those moments of before a lot more, while wishing we could have lived more of them. It reminds me of this veteran I met, and I wish I could remember more of his story when he shared it. He died one year later, his wife passing a year after him I believe. This piece reminded me of that because they seemed like such lovely people, and I only wish I could have reached out one more time to tell them thank you.

    Truly evocative and solemn. Quite beautifully penned. ❤

  6. Each passing smile is a beautiful moment to remember her by. Condolences in the passing of a kind soul who once inhabited your present.

  7. At least you smiled and exchanged pleasantries. Many don’t.

  8. sanaarizvi

    Oh this is incredibly poignant. It’s always tragic when we learn the news of someone who has passed ..

  9. So sad…. I learned the last weeks that one of my friends from university has passed… we had not med in more than 30 years, but somehow I had expected that one day again we would meet again.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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