This Week in America…

… condensed into the form of a few American Sentences.


It is time to face the consequences that come from good intentions.

Immigrant children wait in shelters, the call goes out for underwear.

Surprisingly, nine judges agree there is a right to privacy.

The ones who seek to control it all cannot secure one computer.

The real news may be that a lying politician still makes the news.

Biggest game in US soccer history; I am sure I should care.

Findings of climate research seem to depend on who supplied funding.

The high court declares there is no royalty in America, yet.

The populace warm themselves in the heat from the fires of Rome burning.

Amidst the noise of news, no one noticed the politicians smiling.

The last remnants of freedom will be found in a shallow, unmarked grave.



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10 responses to “This Week in America…

  1. The ones who seek to control it all cannot secure one computer….that was my fav though it’s different to choose a fav.. some great social commentary in this – and american sentences are a cool form

  2. ha. who gives the funding def determines the outcome. it is scientifically proven. damn, the truth of that last one.

  3. Well, I am not quite as pessimistic as you are, Mark; but I must say I have been appalled by those immigrant children in shelters. But it breaks my heart to think that they were brought to the USA by drug dealers (for a price). I don’t know what the answer is. Can the US accept the thousands and thousands? Can we turn them away when they have nothing to return to? I don’t know the answer. And…well…I wish all of the issues in the world could be solved by things like soccer game competitions instead of battles with arms. But…this will never happen. I do enjoy the World Cup.

  4. I love the line “The populace warm themselves in the heat from the fires of Rome burning.” We are all feeling the heat, but no one is rushing to put out the fire! Good one, Mark!

  5. This is (sadly) spot-on. The line about the IRS got me. I love the form of the American Sentence and you have employed it in such a unique way. Maybe condensing the news this way will make it more palatable for me. Then again…

  6. American sentences, the stuff of paradox, captured in perfection here.

  7. Excellent! American sentences were meant to do exactly this.

  8. The final one is so chilling Mark.. Love how you have used like finding the truth behind the headlines… Almost combining found poetry into American sentences.

  9. Well done, Mark. My response to politicians and their shenanigans is cynicism.and sometimes despair.

  10. Ugh, yes, some days, I cannot even bear to listen to the news. Rome burning… indeed.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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