Sudden Changes in Temperature

was heat
in the night,
the painful heat
of words exchanged in misguided passion,
lovers — inflamed by pride — sleeping alone.
The morning sun
revealed a


Filed under Poetry

9 responses to “Sudden Changes in Temperature

  1. Oh dear. I like the subtlety of the last line!

  2. Agree with Viv. The last line works well.

  3. somewhat sad.. the last lines are full of meaning.

  4. Ho! I love the fact of the morning frost!!!

  5. Oh dear, I hope the sun thawed the situation. Great poem.

  6. Lovely balanced piece of writing – for me, poetry as it should be.. With Best Wishes Scott

  7. I do think fights are worst in the winter. I like the heat, the flame, the frost. Beautifully written.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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