I Cried Out

I cried out against
what I knew
to be false,
what I could
not believe.

I cried out for
what I needed
when drink
and drugs were no
longer enough.

I cried out in joy
when I knew
what was true,
and an end to life
was no longer feared.


at Poets United Kim asks for a poem with a 
starting point of “I cried out”. I decided to go
for extremely short and simple with the most basic of 
word choice, and with those words repeated often.
So, yes, the rudimentary language is intentional.


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17 responses to “I Cried Out

  1. Good write, and very true when you realize what’s important.>KB

  2. Mark,
    An array of circumstances when crying can bring relief, or simply become a wake-up-call….It is quite a defining point in time…

  3. The voice I hear in this piece is not yours. The repetition and the use of language puts this in the world of the tormented – people with disabilities, people who are slow to learn, dyslexic, attention deficit, undiagnosed, untreated, uncared for, misunderestood, unique, wired differently. The world is not a place of flowers, rainbows, serenity but one of nightmares, terror, disappointments, disillusions. This has that power in the simplest way possible. A very affecting poem.

  4. well…our tears for all major/minor emotions…when we cry – we also cleaning our soul to see the truth…~ enjoyed your poem

  5. very simple and clear -to the point and still thought provoking

  6. I like this poem very much, Mark. These seem to be some very positive ‘cryings out.’ I like especially the last stanza.

  7. I find the rudimentary words powerful, true, apropos. This is a tight piece whose message is clear, defined. Nicely done.

  8. I love the progression thru the stanzas to the final joyous awakening. Wonderful write!

  9. …better voice it all out & not die with all your agonies in you… at the end of the day it still feels better to be heard & know that you’ve done something instead of hiding with your unspoken words… smiles… loved this…

  10. Fantastic and very true. Silence can be the worst kind of adversary. I love this simple yet provocative piece.

  11. Mark, I know well that cry in the night, and I was answered. The burden of years was lifted; then, as the burdens returned one by one, I was able to handle them and get rid of the dross through prayer and good therapy. This was exquisite, and sometimes the simplest language is best. Amy

  12. It’s good to make a triumphant discovery! It is certainly a big relief! Nicely Mark!


  13. Wow! That’s really moving Mark…It brings tears to my eyes.. Love ya Man!

  14. Love the way you convert the poem into a joyful end.

  15. I cried out once, and was answered. It’s life changing.

    Lovely writing.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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