Failing to Dream

I remember well
the night we failed
to dream.

The walls fell away
to reveal a starless sky,
warmth left the world,
flowers withered
and died.

Morning came and you
faded like fog
burned away by the sun

after the night we failed
to dream.

starless night

starless night (Photo credit: CrazyFast)



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27 responses to “Failing to Dream

  1. Noah Matthews

    One of your best.

  2. The walls fell away to reveal a … how powerful! Such beauty in the way you began and ended…failed to dream. I learn more how to write from you every post I read. Thank you Mark!

  3. This is achingly wistful and beautiful.

  4. It gave me a chill, reading this one. It’s amazing when something so filled with emotion leaves you feeling emptied to the core.

  5. jcosmonewbery

    “the night we failed to dream” – I love that phrase, it says so much, so simply.

  6. Beautiful poem really, Mark. My favorite stanza is the third…..lovely language. As for dreaming, I seldom dream. If I do, I don’t remember….

  7. Mark~
    This moves into a sad realm, though not maudlin. Evocative of emotion without manipulation. Frank and direct and well-written.

  8. Mark, it’s all about the dreams. Beautiful poem.

  9. This is very poignant, “the night we failed to dream”. Wow.

  10. beautiful and heart breaking… sometimes the very best blend.

  11. Teresa

    This is excellent! Truly what is life without dreams?

  12. Loved, loved this!!! It is heartbreaking

  13. margaretbednar

    What a KILLER starting line! Wow.

  14. So beautiful…pulls at my heart. Life is so sad, empty without dreams..

  15. This really spoke to me so eloquently and you were so effective with so few words. Amazing.

  16. Awww…darn it, you do manage to reach in and make me feel your poetry so many times. Shows how good they are!

  17. Gripping opening: “I remember well the night we failed”

    Really nice line break: “Morning came and you”

  18. There is almost a fantastical feel to this poem which is tremendously striking. As if the dreamer failed to bring their own self into being. Very intriguing. k.

  19. Mark…go back to the very first comment…this was fantastic!

  20. i guess its best to know when the dream is done so that we can move on….cause after that, there is not much

  21. Really great – I write a lot about dreams and often feel strange about a night when I remember nothing. Not to be overly literal in reading this, but I feel this evokes that strange world of a fantasia not remembered.

  22. Life would be empty without dreams. I actually don’t find your poem sad as others have felt. To me it sounds like a wake-up call that this is what it would look like if we failed to dream. So, let’s keep on dreaming! 🙂

  23. `the walls fell away’ – that line sticks in my mind.

  24. fading like fog, burned away by the sun…ugh…we should never stop dreaming…

  25. aloha Mark – i like that you speak to me these things that happen but make no judgement about these things. that leaves a lot of reader room to think about meanings and whys – reasonings and story, beginnings and endings beyond this remembered night. a great opening for scenarios that could be this or that, good or not so good, on and on – and each reading it becomes different. very ah. i like that. it leaves me to be me and create the answers that i am. cool. aloha.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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