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Losing Battle

a dart of the eyes,

minor rebellion of
dubious emotion –

ignore it,
turn away.

quell staccato heart,
latch it in a room
like a petulant child
due it’s punishment.

it is not time
to explore these ruins,
to watch as another scar
fuses itself to heart,
to feel as the heat billows
from below.

fight to deny –
feel pulse
the metallic casing
to expose fragile

Written for the Sunday Whirl wordle. 


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The Sunday Whirl Wordle

The challenge this week is to use the following words in a Poem. Born, feet, earth, fresh, frozen, serenity, flame, anguish, shocks, field, startles, permeable.




The fresh earth of the field

returns his serenity –

to work the soil, broken at

his feet,

a flame to his

frozen thoughts,

a salve to

anguished heart.


Born to this land,

restored by circumstance;

a plowed row


memory that

shocks his

permeable soul –

tears irrigate a

new life.



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