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Random Fall Haiku

Fall branches hang low
dropping leaves in the current
hues of death float by

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Summer Haiku

I have mostly ignored haiku since the February challenge, but feel the burnout is over and it might be time to venture back into the form. Something light and simple to start for Sensational Haiku Wednesday.

Glass of iced tea

Fans stir lazy air
ice cubes promise refreshment
cure for summer heat


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Elusive – a Haibun

He searched the text of any book he could find,
absorbing ideas and context like water to a
sponge. Isolating himself from influences of the
world, to scry for answers without interruption.
He fought against interaction, touch, emotion —
an impersonal barrier that kept him from the
enlightenment he desired.

What we often seek
is usually found within
but not found alone.










Written for The Mag photo prompt and One Single Impression.


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Warm Days, Cold Nights – A Haibun

Early March — winter failed to show in Georgia, no more than
a passing shiver. Bradford pear in full bloom, scarlet cardinal
on the fence, sparrows claiming dominion over crows, grass
exploring green options. Warm days and early rains, the fever
is upon us.

The nights are still cold,
barrel fires burn in alleys —
homeless, forgotten.

English: Homeless man in New York 2008, Credit...

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We write Poems asked for a Haibun; a form combining prose and a Haiku. I tried to keep with the Japanese tradition of a nature theme for the prose, with the Haiku being a totally different take on the same theme. Let me know what you think of the results.


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Friday Haiku

Written for Patricia Lichen’s Weekend Haiku.

The Impossible

Do what needs doing,
Work with hands, heart – never ears.
Overcome doubters.

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