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Expectations & Disillusionment in 17 Syllables

another’s heart


at least
the sunset
was nice

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Speech – American Sentences

A politician speaks, everyone hears what they set out to hear.
A politician speaks, his country aches with the weight of promises.
A politician speaks to a body who shares in his duplicity.
A politician speaks, tomorrow we will rehash every last word.
A politician speaks, a soldier dies, a mother cries, rinse, repeat.


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Comments on the Sunday News – American Sentences

Yes, mourn the senseless death, but do not pretend he was no criminal.

They release Christian blood into the sea, and we refuse to name them.

Is there no alternative to the hypocrisy of politics?

A wife burns in a Pakistani honor killing; the world ignores.

Political correctness will be the weapon of the final blow.

The soldier mourns his fallen comrades, the veteran mourns his country.

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