Shooting Tequila on Friday Night…at Mellow Mushroom…when you are over 50

I am sure she was relevant once,
the center of the vortex
at nightclubs and beach parties.
Her trilling laugh carrying over the music
and a hair flip to inspire Pantene commercials.

She would have been surrounded by semi-desperate
devotees searching for acceptance,
who only knew she was fun and the object
of affection from the pretty and popular people.

She played the crowd,
used ‘my dear’ and a light touch to get drinks,
a press of flesh and unspoken promises
to get anything else.

Now she has crow’s feet and an ongoing
battle against grey,
she talks too loud for the suburban dinner crowd
and gestures with her salt-rimmed shot glass
to make a point.

She takes the shot with a flourish,
performing for her audience,
her husband sips his beer and turns
to the TVs pretending interest in ESPN.

The rest of the bar crowd is there to eat —
somewhere for an adult to sit
without waiting for a table — with a self-imposed
two drink max with our dinner.

We make an effort to ignore the tequila-enhanced noise,
remember some antics from our own youth — some fondly —
and move our judgment meter from slight annoyance
to a small measure of pity.



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13 responses to “Shooting Tequila on Friday Night…at Mellow Mushroom…when you are over 50

  1. Hosting dVerse’s OLN today and glad to see you here. But would you please add a Tag to dVerse or a link so others might find us as well? Or perhaps I’m just not seeing the tag or link?

  2. Ouch… there is something so tragic with someone too drunk for her age. I cannot drink that much, and wonder how I ever could before.
    Yes two beer is max

  3. Mellow Mushroom? Never heard of it. Sounds like a place to go and get high. No wonder she was drunk.

  4. Lily

    I love their philosopher’s pizza.

  5. sanaarizvi

    I thoroughly enjoyed it and could resonate with; “She played the crowd,
    used ‘my dear’ and a light touch to get drinks.”

  6. Good character study. “slight annoyance” “small pity”. It could be much worse. You are kind. Bars are populated with such people, some more tolerable than others.

  7. Very nice description in that last stanza.

  8. Love your description of her. So vivid. I feel a little sadness for her in the end. A nice write.


  9. This is pretty vivid, and an excellent portrait of “obnoxious.” I can see the before and after, and they’re not all that different.

  10. Very well written and such a believable character!

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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