Things We Can Hold

we seek
that which we
can grasp, control,
when things of import
more often resemble
the feeling the first time you
held a baby — fragile, unsure —
or attempts to embrace wisps of smoke,
or reaching for a hand no longer there.

an etheree for dVerse


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15 responses to “Things We Can Hold

  1. Hey Mark! A nice piece of poetics. We surely need to place our importance in the right order. Windham wisdom!

  2. Flawless. And so very sad.

  3. Those hands can hold a lot or very little ~ Admiring the form Mark ~

    Thanks for joining us~

  4. Ah, sometimes the things that we can no longer grasp are the things that we really wish we could hold on to just one more time!

  5. A compelling message. I really like the variety of hand images you used at the end from holding a baby to …”attempts to embrace wisps of smoke”

  6. Often priorities are askew. Important message in this short poem…

  7. A life’s story told by hands.. from the first to the last (and afterwards) — there is a need to remember this

  8. This is a gorgeous visual:
    “attempts to embrace wisps of smoke”

    Happy to read you again, Mark. 🙂

  9. Enjoyed this, and thinking about the things of importance that these hands have held and felt.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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