Something Resembling a Meal

Consumption is a methodical process,
a requirement for continued

He pauses on occasion,
finishes chewing
and looks across the table
as if about to speak, respond,
appears to change his mind,
resumes eating.

He drains the last of his water,
shakes the ice in the glass
before getting up for a refill.

Finishing, he stares across the table again,
searching for an appropriate comment.
The moon is bright through the kitchen window.

He pushes back from the table,
rinses his dish and fork,
precisely places each in the dishwasher
and turns off the light as he leaves
the kitchen.


Filed under Poetry

5 responses to “Something Resembling a Meal

  1. A lonely meal! Very well written!

  2. The sadness of being alone… nicely penned…

  3. Very interesting. I began to suspect around stanza 4/5. Then when it was so, reread. You pen a clear portrait.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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