The Decency to be Angry

I am struggling to find sympathy,
anger and frustration lead
the emotional assault.
There is empathy, to be sure,
the proverbial trite heart
for the families of those who bled.

But, anger, yes,
it is anger which rules my thoughts.

Anger at men who insist
you believe as they, and submit,
or die for the sin of disagreement.

Anger at the apologists who refuse
to condemn these men,
or go so far as to justify their actions,
attempting to transfer blame,
or merely being silent.

Anger at leaders who are anything but,
who refuse to so much as name
the obvious enemy,
much less fight them,
or strive for their defeat.

Soon, there will be blood in more streets:
L.A, London, Tokyo, Atlanta, Stockholm…
your streets, my streets.

Sympathy and platitudes will not stop it,
a symbolic overlay of a picture
will not change it,
well wishes and “standing together”
will not alter fates.

Anger, perhaps, also may not provide
the needed answers,
but failing to act, failing to acknowledge
the enemy — or even that there is one —
is the surest path to more innocent



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5 responses to “The Decency to be Angry

  1. Violence breeds violence. More innocent lives will also be lost in Syria and Iraq. Retribution attacks by the West will not be selective – how can they be? Ordinary people who have done no more than survive the years of rule by fanatics will be the ones to suffer. Then those fanatics will step up their attacks and the wheel grinds on.

    • I understand the sentiment Viv, and I am not certain of the correct response to people of this mindset. What I do know is that ignoring them and hoping they will go away will not work. They view inaction and appeasement as weakness and an invitation for more attacks. They do not care about coexisting. In their minds you can either submit to their will/faith/rule or you can die. No other option. The only way I can see to deal with this mentality is to destroy their means of doing harm and eliminate their leaders. How you do this without innocents being harmed, especially when they choose to hide among them, I do not know.

  2. I wonder , just wonder..will this violence and hatred ever stop? Or will it perish the humankind slowly… 😦

  3. Well said, Mark. I do not pretend to know what the answer is, but idleness and endless discussion do not help.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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