The leaves changed colors
when we were not
paying attention,

they fell while we
were busy worrying
about other things.

One day we noticed the trees
were bare, the birds
were gone, and the love

had grown cold while we
were busy worrying
about other things.


posted to the dVerse pub. Kind of opposite of what was asked for,
or a warning of what will happen if you don’t….



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17 responses to “Change

  1. Oh Mark, this is a perfect gem. Do submit it somewhere.

  2. This perfectly embodies the regret I felt after my friend died last year at a far-too-young age, and after we had both let busy-ness cause us to drift apart… I think we all need to reminded of this sometimes, to stop worrying about other things and pay attention to the love.

  3. Exactly that kind of regret that is so common… we need to nurture it so the fall does not leave us all bare… sometimes it’s a matter of surviving until spring.

  4. Ah yes, so much happens while we aren’t paying attention. When we finally notice, we hope it is not too late.

  5. Wow, this hits hard and fast – out of nowhere, much like the changes in this poem. Excellent.

  6. Pleasant Street

    This little poem is like a big sigh.

  7. Sometimes when we worry about other things we neglect to see and value what is truly important ~ Very deep reflection ~

    This is lovely Mark, good to read you again ~

  8. Oh my, this is perfect. Such strong poetry, Mark. I hope it isn’t true for you, but any marriage can warm itself back up if all four hands are willing to wiggle together.


  9. So very good, Mark. And, sadly, so easily this becomes reality. My poem kind of addresses the same idea. I’m so glad to see you back, Mark. Always have enjoyed your work.

  10. Sadly, we realize the worth of that person perhaps when its too late.

  11. Your poem is almost haiku-like with its brief but powerful message. And it’s so true, worrying about other things can leave love stone cold.

  12. i’m of the
    opinion that
    Love as a feeling
    cannot co-exist
    with worry..
    a word
    feeling.. no..:)

  13. perhaps this was “opposite to what was asked for,” but often the opposites enforce what is being said. I think that your warning is apt. So much better to watch those changing leaves, and together marvel in the beauty.

  14. So poetically to the point. It is certainly a powerful poem and we are often too busy to notice how our relationships are suffering.

  15. Raw sadness of loss
    I am going to stroke my lovers cheek this morning
    as the coffee brews.

  16. Kaushika

    Poignant yet, true. There is nothing more precious than the inevitable currents of time. I absolutely loved reading this this as it spoke to me and is my favorite thus far. I am glad to have stumbled upon your blog and hoping to read more. Cheers! 🙂

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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