From a Distance…

I count fourteen vultures

serene and graceful

as they circle,




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10 responses to “From a Distance…

  1. Yeh. No way I can resist a line like ‘I count fourteen vultures
    overhead,’ in my inbox. The poem works. Write more like this. Your choice of the lines’ order… very nice.

  2. someone
    is dead

    and thankfully
    it is not me


  3. I count only seven but I try to ignore them so there could be more:)

  4. Fourteen vultures overhead is such a great hook………..awesome!

  5. This is so menacing.. there is a meaning in the fact that you count them which really puts a story in my mind…

  6. Well I guess I’m done then.

  7. Brilliant and concise…a whole story told and alluded to in the choice of words. I agree with Bjorn…there is meaning in the fact that you count them.

  8. smell of death in the air…

  9. O, wow, as I learned, #14 means a spiritual perfection. So I assume you are at the right direction now.Also, a vulture means patience, and ‘think thought through’. Thanks for making me curious. :)x

  10. I almost hit one today on the freeway ramp it was so intent on it’s kill that it had no interest in the life about it. They are ugly beasts…

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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