We like to think there is a simple
solution: replace
the guns with flowers,
animosity with openness,
aggression with diplomacy…

Unfortunately, these things only work
when the adversary agrees to the terms,
and our enemies do not.

Our enemies see diplomacy
as subversion and misdirection,
openness as weakness,
and an aversion to using weapons
as an opportunity.

So, plant tulips in your gun barrels
if you must,
but understand the difference
between your intent and our
enemies perception:

your gesture may be intended to show
a willingness to live together
in harmony,

but make no mistake,
it will be perceived as vulnerability,
and a willingness to be conquered,
ruled and oppressed.



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11 responses to “Naïveté

  1. How can we change our enemies’ perception? We must try.

  2. Beautifully considered.

  3. Well considered… but then, someone has to be willing to take the chance, no? Otherwise, there is no hope that this ubiquitous warring will ever end, and ultimately, no hope that humans as a species will continue

    • I agree conversation needs to take place, but any undertaken from a position of weakness is destined to fail. The first step should never be war, but it can not be eliminated as an option beforehand.

  4. Gia

    I thought the image looked like one of post-war destruction, the irony being that they “picked” off all the living and are now looking for survivors—a lost cause, for sure.

    This is my favorite section:
    “So, plant tulips in your gun barrels
    if you must,
    but understand the difference”

    Nice to see you again, asylum pal-o’-mine. 🙂

  5. The sad part is when one has to develop negativity to fight it…
    and the danger is that the negativity wins…

  6. Karen S.

    It is a hard struggle. Sometimes, while merely driving among our traffic of today, experiencing the lack of empathy of so many fellow drivers, the thought comes, how can we ever hope to change the world when within our own reaches we have no kindness?

  7. Tess Kincaid

    Interesting take, Mark…

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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