Voices of Irony and Content

I can hear the voices as they
whisper in meadow grasses
and murmur among forest
boughs older than lore,

their song is a lament of futures
foretold where two legs replace four
and the old voices are drowned
out by clamor and chatter.

I hear them restless upon the shore,
skittering with the gulls on the sand
raised in a roar amidst the ceaseless
beat of the sea against the beach,

a barrage of anger and protest
against the onslaught of progress
and change, a sardonic sigh
accompanies the retreat of every wave.

They are the same voices I hear
echoing from the broken plaster
and rust of forgotten buildings
and overgrown playgrounds,

yearning for a time history ignores
when the energy of commerce
made for vibrant lives and the laughter
of children lit up the night.



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12 responses to “Voices of Irony and Content

  1. Oh, very nice. Yeh, yeh. I lied. I made the mistake of opening the page ‘for later’. This is worth coming back to. You have several good things going. Maybe you should continue with this night time thing ;-). The shifting to and making parallels with abandoned cities is wonderful.

    • there have been a few that have come from sleepus interuptus, but it is very difficult to write sitting in the bathroom (so as to not wake the spouse) with an i-pad on your knees without your glasses at 1:00 a.m. The amount of typos I found this morning…

      • I remember doing that on a night sleeper train! I wrote the strangest things.

        This one isn’t (strange I mean) it is poignant, and your last line will stay with me.

  2. Very well done in tone, in time, in place – and without your glasses no less.

  3. a lament of the future…where two legs replace four…and it is tilled up to lay asphalt as well…smiles…over grown playgrounds are rather sad….

  4. This had me seeing a rusty merry go round surrounded by weeds and the ghostly remembrance of children laughing. Nicely done.

  5. this reminds me of how fragile big cities are despite how big and majestic they look… rather haunting in parts here mark…

  6. The city as an exodus and end of time.. Or maybe a place that can be overgrown again?

  7. The suffocation that a city feels has been portrayed really well. We are growing and developing we say, but where??

  8. Exactly how I think of commerce …or infrastructure….money for beautiful new artistic buildings, not enough for repairing, using, updating, what now has no function. It would solve a lot of social and economic issues..and yes, give children green breathing room. Superb

  9. I love your lead-in to this poem, and its progression to the ponderings in its close.

  10. i like how you connect the voices to so many concrete (excuse the pun) aspects of the city

    popsicle on a stick

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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