Of Moons and Revolutions

I do not sleep well on full
moon nights.

It may be an issue of proximity,
the push and pull of gravity
in competition, swaying the pattern
of brain waves in one hemisphere
as the tide goes out in another.
It may be the physical response,
an aching and discomfort which makes
aimless, midnight wandering
a necessity,
the added stress of Luna’s presence
bringing forth the revolution
in my bones.

Hmm, revolution…
It is somewhat…ironic(?)appalling(?)

sad(?)depressing(?)infuriating(?) that
the very youth

who (rightfully) scream
out, who stand with fist in the air,
who use their bodies as signs
in protest against authority, who incite
violence one night and peacefully
protest the next, marching arm in arm
demanding their God-given rights…

all in the name of democracy,

are the very same youth who
will surely fuck it all up once they
understand the power of the ballot
while completely misunderstanding
the nature and function of power.

I revolve the glass in my hand,
marveling at how the image of what
is swirled within always stays the same,
Condensation forms into drops,
runs down my arm, or falls to the carpet
to be absorbed.

Upon further examination,
perhaps moon is merely
the witness to another hopeless
revolution, and shares no responsibility
for my sleeplessness.


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14 responses to “Of Moons and Revolutions

  1. I too have problems sleeping during nights of full moon: that is why I put the blinds down, to cut out excess light. This seems like two poems here, or maybe it needs a bit of pruning? The times we live in are too complex.

    • most assuredly some pruning, it was a bit of late night expulsion trying to use too many definitions from Margo’s prompt. The connection between the two trains of thought may be a bit tenuous. Thanks as always for stopping by!

  2. Full moon affects me, too. We dragged the kids and the dog out for a drive this morning to see the eclipse. Saw the full eclipse, but didn’t see the moon get red: it got cloudy by sunrise.
    I like the image of youth using their bodies as signs, the energy of it. I think the two poems in one work well, like tides rising and falling.

  3. Poignant but profound.

  4. Full moon has deep effects on earthlings…. I can feel that too..wonderfully penned… 🙂

  5. I love the idea of the tide taking place in the brain with the thoughts piling and pooling in one hemisphere…waiting to be spilled…very visual, for me…I enjoy the way this poem progresses as well…great one, Mark!

  6. ds

    I’m with you on full moon insomnia (this one was particularly “bad”). Love the juxtaposition of jaded wisdom with youthful frenzy that “completely misunderstand[s] the nature and function of power.” Sadly true. Thank you.

  7. I love how you end this and it is fun to watch the changes in the speaker’s tone. Perfect final stanza [I wondered how you were going to finish the monologue].

    • Hmm…I like the idea in the ending but was (and still am a bit) bothered by the wording of the stanza. By Friday it had been changed to:
      Perhaps the moon is merely
      a witness to another doomed
      revolution, and bears no blame
      for my sleeplessness.

      monologue…seems most recent post have been rather monologue-ish. Not that there have been many. Maybe I am making up for lack of quantity of poems by making the ones I do write much longer than my norm. 🙂

      • Monologue just means the speaker is clearly speaking about and to himself, rather than being a neutral viewer. From my end, there’s nothing wrong with monologues [esp. Shakespeare’s!].

      • that is quite often the voice I use, I am just a bit more loquacious lately than normal.

      • That is what the blog is for. You can prune loquacious when you are submitting. Hmmm. Submitting. I really must get back on track. Not that I have a track.

      • 🙂 one of my tag lines for my business is “Keeping your business on track”. Now if I could apply any of that to writing…me too on the submitting. The only thing I have submitted to lately is Rattle, and Tim is still not being very cooperative.

  8. Love this. All of nature affects all of nature and we are part of that!

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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