Yellow Daises

Yellow daises grow wild beside the road,
swaying in the wind of each passing car,

radios spewing the latest bit of chaos —

ebola has moved into the neighborhood
and the welcome wagon crashed,
the knife cuts in a sawing motion
as the media ignores the reason
for another severed head,
democracy dies in Hong Kong, buried
in an a grave marked only
by international apathy,
politicians change the dialogue daily,
hoping the new crisis will lessen
the sting of the last,
blame runs rampant,
solutions continue to hide —

as the news drowns out life.

I turn off the radio, roll down
the windows and wonder
if innocence
has truly died.

Last night I dreamed of a young girl,
chanting “he loves me, he loves me not”
as she plucks the petals from
yellow daises growing wild beside the road.


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13 responses to “Yellow Daises

  1. ds

    much of this so sadly, literally true, but i shall hope for the young girl plucking the daisy…thanks for this.

  2. yes my heart aches for the realities of what you speak of and yet we still have the ability to dream good things


  3. A sad reality world over

  4. i still believe that innocence hasn’t died… love the scene with the girl there in the close.. it’s an image of hope in a messy world…the things that are going on in the world at the moment frighten me…

  5. Only the innocence of daisies remain, unless “young girls picked them everyone” – like a protest song you tell the truth.

  6. Yes, when one watches the news, he could lose all hope…….I love the contrast of the young girl, still hopeful and dreaming – as one must.

  7. a question that has been on my mind lately as well… it’s only in children that we can still find innocence, but it some lose it too soon.

  8. Yes, sometimes a person does yearn for the innocence of childhood, a time when life seemed much simpler & kind. I don’t think democracy has died in Hong Kong though. The demonstrating students are SEEKING democracy; but Beijing is in a bind. If they allow Hong Kong to be more ‘democratic,’ the people in mainland China who are watching will perhaps demand the same.

  9. Mark, I appreciate your honesty and clarity in the midst of foggy (unclear) times. Innocence is taking a beating to be sure. Hope we don’t plow over the daisies while trying to clean up the next mess.

  10. Wonderful…we all yearn for innocence… it’s pure bliss…but it’s so hard to find these days…

  11. in spite of all this breaking of nations and faith innocence still keeps its flame glowing…i like the tone of affirmation in the last few lines…

  12. Beautiful. What a way to call back to the days when we didn’t worry about the rest of the world.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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