Hate has Overcome

Much like the ideal of a family
taking in their elders,

or politicians being concerned
with the common good,

or neighbors taking the time to know
and care for each other,

the idea of love triumphing over hate
no longer seems applicable.

Love cannot surmount using the life
of a child to protect weapons,

love will not intervene between machetes
and the necks of innocents,

love does not riot, loot and burn,
nor does it fog thought and reason

like tear gas on a hot, Missouri night.
Hate and indifference rule the day,

and I fear love has become too weak,
and uncommon, to overcome.



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11 responses to “Hate has Overcome

  1. I fear you are right, but pray you will be wrong.

  2. Still when hate can only be met with hate we are doomed..

  3. ds

    Oh, I hope not! Just found you through your interview with Laurie at dVerse. LIke your work very much. Thank you.

  4. ZQ

    I hope not! But, keep us awake, with your commentaries.

  5. Hating is easy like the police job and one needs to evolve to love…I like to have faith in humanity…voices of the downtrodden will unite one day, it will…

  6. Powerful and thought provoking, very interesting poem.

  7. I hope you are mistaken–but I fear you are not

  8. Rife with realism 😦 The optimist in me wants to hope that love can still, somehow, triumph, surmount, intervene and overcome, but my inner cynic smirks at such wishful thinking.

  9. I do believe mankind has been overcome by apathy which accepts the status quo (including hate and destruction of others.) I still believe in “love”; it is what occurs when man thinks little of himself in concern for another (like the doctor and worker who caught ebola as a result of their loving work.)

  10. I think awareness is growing, but too slowly……….the daily news is horrifying. A well written poem. Try to hold onto hope………the world needs it!

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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