Pretzels & Bullfights: Spotlights~ Mark Windham

An interview with little ol’ me.



Hello Pretzels and Bullfighters… I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve seen you. Summer will soon be over, and I will return from my break. I couldn’t stand it, though, and just had to pop in to say hello.

Guess who I ran into? Mark Windham!

Here he is with his wife waiting to get started, but I insisted on a poem first.

Degrees of Desperation

We dream in degrees
of desperation,
each thinking the other
should be persuaded
by our own particular vision
of happiness.

I asked her once
if it was her heart or her head
which caused her to stay,
or some tribute
to the ideals of love
and commitment.
It seemed a period of years
before she answered.

I stay because of vows uttered
and moments remembered.

I stay because children should
not suffer from a rash decision.

I stay because I refuse to believe

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3 responses to “Pretzels & Bullfights: Spotlights~ Mark Windham

  1. Hi Mark,
    I enjoyed this interview over at dVerse and left a comment, but it took my comment a looong time to show up for some reason. So, in case you haven’t seen it just wanted to let you know that I found the first poem particularly moving and it kind of overshadowed the second one for me. I came back later to reread the second one and appreciated it a lot more than the first time round.
    It was great to read your poetry, read about you and see pictures of your beautiful family.
    Sasha (a.k.a. The Happy Amateur)

  2. Thank you, Mark. My comment did show up after all among August 11th comments (when I actually left it) – it’s sitting in the middle of the thread. In case you want to “make an extra effort” and head over there to read my words of wisdom 🙂
    P.S. Checked out your business website, looks very cool.

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