We no longer like to entertain
absolute ideas such as good
and evil,
preferring to justify the actions
of those
who do wrong — or argue
the definition — and strive
to find fault with ones
appearing saintly, naming them
a hypocrite a source of glee.

The line between Heaven
and Hell — if you believe in such
things — and the differences
is angels and demons — if you believe
in such things — has become
blurred by societal rules
of propriety
which refuse to pass judgement,
or judge erroneously.

In the end, the difference
in salvation and damnation
can be defined
by how much you love
how much you hate…
if you believe in such things.


for the image prompt at The Mag



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12 responses to “Distinctions

  1. Very nice poetry. I thought the style was great, the philosophy good – and difficult for me to work out, which means clever!

  2. Maybe the main thing is to find the point of balance, where neither love nor hate tip the scales…

  3. You write truthfully about the blurry distinction between right and wrong, moral and immoral, etc. Can any one person be the arbiter or truth? Great poem!

  4. indeed the difference in salvation and damnation is black and white… much like the painting itself!
    “how much you love
    how much you hate…”
    very accurate!

  5. Helen

    This is so wise … Nicely done!

  6. Karen S.

    If you believe in such things….. a very deep thought and these days, it seems to hang in limbo of so many….

  7. How I wish we could eliminate intolerance, promote live and let live. Your poem is a similar cry from the heart.

  8. Absolutely. Well said, Mark.

  9. Depends on what you believer sometimes I think we are living in hell..

  10. Very true and very well said.
    It might be that the life we live here is a mixture of the two.

    Cheers ~ Eddie

    Clouds and Silvery Linings

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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