Full Disclosure

I tire quickly of those
with an appetite
for the flamboyant,
those fond of publicly
displaying their
bliss are an irritation,
the sound of laughter
enough to cause
my temper to flare…

These were the last
signals of a jumbled
set of priorities,
a need to point my face
towards the sun,
lose the clock and find
joy in life again.


a short stab at the Sunday Whirl words



Filed under Poetry

9 responses to “Full Disclosure

  1. Few words, Mark, but well-chosen to make a strong point. I sense loss underlying this poem.

  2. I am sure many of go through such a phase of discontent, then it dawns on us that nothing will change unless we do ourselves.

  3. This is lovely Mark…sounds so curmudgeonly, glad you put your disclaimer where you do…


  4. This really gets to the heart of the matter. Well done.

  5. Disillusion with the self-aggrandisement of so-called celebs is a good theme for these wordle words.

    Stanza 1, last line: should be flare (v) for a temper. (flair (n) ability, talent)

  6. Yes sometimes we have to look up to move forward..and time/clocks can be a scourge…a disclosing write

  7. Excellent advice in the last stanza. I find myself increasingly sitting in this place as I age: no tolerance for the “idiocy” of youth. But you’re so right. It would do me good to seek more joy and less judgement.

  8. The peace of existing gets interrupted by the everyday din of this “modern” world. Hope your joy finds you again.

  9. Very good. Nice use of a few words to tell a big story. I like it.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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