The frame and skin of an airplane
is made mostly of aluminum and lightweight
composite materials, designed
to be strong and flexible, able
withstand the rigors of flight.
There is not a quality control test to determine
the effect of a missile on flight worthiness.

The exterior shell of a missile is much
the same as that of an airplane:
light, composite materials intended
for stability at mach 5 speeds. The difference
in payload though, is somewhat significant,
and its inherent impact on continued
flight is tested in depth.

The shoulder-fired, or portable, version
is commonly referred to as a rocket,
and while its basic makeup is the same
as the missile, it is lacking in a key
component; a guidance system. It tends
towards more haphazard results. There
is accumulated data regarding its effectiveness.

The smaller cousin of the rocket is the bullet,
typically composed of lead and jacketed
in steel. It is considered much more accurate
than its larger relatives, and less, shall we say…
explosive, making it more precise in consequence.
The statistics on its efficacy are debated and primarily
used for political purposes.

There is metal scattered across eastern Ukraine
and throughout fields and settlements in Israel.
Bullets can be heard cleaving the air throughout
Gaza, Chicago and many African countries.
There is much reported about the metal,
much discussion of cause and effect, very little
is said of humans, other than to give a body count.


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2 responses to “Metal

  1. I hesitated to click like: in point of fact, I do NOT like your poem,, but applaud your bringing the facts to our attention. I take it you were steeling yourself to avoid emotion, when writing this. Because once you turn our attention towards the “body count” the floodgates open.

    • you are astutely observant as always Viv. My intent was for it to be as emotionless as possible until the last line, a recitation of facts (although I was not capable of leaving out all sarcasm).

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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