For the Children

they will say what they do
is for the children.
The perennial mantra of politicians
who wish to hide their motives
in a pretense of nobility.
What is yours must be taken
so the children can eat.
The government must control the schools
so the children may learn.
Dietary standards must be set, parents are not
trusted with their children’s needs.
Nationalized healthcare is required,
or children will stay ill.
Pro Choice(!) is for…wait…never mind.
We must ban guns from our schools
so no one will come to hurt the children.
It is necessary to increase the budget
so we can leave a legacy for our children.
It is imperative we reduce the deficit
or there will be no future for our children.
Each ideology claims the welfare
of the children to be their goal,
but the pawns are still hungry, sick, dirty,
dying and poor,
stacked like cordwood in desert heat,
kindling waiting for a match.
they will say what they do
is for the children.


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8 responses to “For the Children

  1. A lot of it is truly for the children. It’s just that we have difficulty in sorting the justice from the self-interest of the politicicos

  2. i wish they were really concerned for the kids…but yeah..often it’s just a false pretense to bring through their own plans

  3. The cynicism is very palpable in your words, Mark. I guess ‘children’ is the ultimate argument. Who can ever say they are against, or not for, children?

  4. You are so right. No one can find fault with a politician if he says it is for the children. Never mind it is his own agenda! And children are really a prop he / she uses to achieve his political goal.

  5. so true!! they make everything for child yet only corruption rules!!

  6. A good write, Mark…….you have nailed the “political speak”! When they talk I’m like Charlie Brown, I hear wa-wa-wa-wa-wa. Just words.

  7. ZQ

    very interesting! provocative!

  8. politicians everywhere have always been like this…children is the language of these scheming marauding bands…ever ready to pounce on the mass…
    beautifully put…

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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