Boundless Vanity

The boundless vanity of the poet,
believing their words are sufficient
to tell our experiences;
the glance exchanged in a crowd,
tingle of breath on skin,
last tear of leaving,
baby’s first smile,
life, death.


a reverse etheree for dVerse


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8 responses to “Boundless Vanity

  1. ha. there is much to be said of the vanity of poets…

    but we try to capture what we can
    i dont now that it is ever completely right
    maybe just an impression

  2. So true, Mark. Words are never enough. Even poetry so often fails.

  3. All is Vanity, a bright red lipstick and a beautiful red car with spinners and then that reflection we see in the mirror. It seems distorted as we march in a linear death march. So maybe these words attempt to convey is the love story and a soldier on a list of a wall. Each moving in.

  4. I like the way this poem reads, even though I don’t believe all poets are vain!

  5. CC Champagne

    This is truly beautiful, and, all vanity aside, how else are we going to describe all those beautiful emotions and events…? *smile*

  6. So much that cannot be expressed in words… That’s fore sure

  7. I believe some have expressed just perfectly some thoughts and feelings..but am thinking of Wordsworth, Tennyson, Dickinson, and others in their day…so it is possible, but most rare…and their vanity less an issue,
    just my impression;)

  8. Wow. This is just wow.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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