Seeds – in the Form of American Sentences

We ignore what is wrong in the hope the person doing it is right.

Ideology replaces reason, the closed mind of partisans.

Life and death become the purview of personal choice and blind justice.

Society always to blame, the person never responsible.

The garden is sowed, seed plentiful, but the soil dry and neglected.

Pilate, drying his hands, was no less responsible than I, or you.



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13 responses to “Seeds – in the Form of American Sentences

  1. first, i love american sentences…that first one, ugh, so true…perhaps we put too much faith in people at times….also the lack of personal responsibility…there are pointed…and well done man

  2. Personal responsibility–or lack of it–is sure a hot button, eh? I notice my jaw clenches a lot.

  3. Wow, Mark, you have nailed so much in these American sentences! I can’t choose a favorite. They are all right on. But right now I am really struck by the society always to blame, the person never responsible. And I wonder….when did this change?????

  4. it is sad if people don’t take over responsibility of what they’re doing… ugh…makes me angry.. very cool american sentences mark

  5. What makes a sentence American rather than just a sentence? Yours make sense to thie Englishwoman!
    Pilot or Pilate?

  6. I think this applies to people all over the world.

  7. Oh yes.. I love American sentences.. The 5th one is the one that’s the most powerful in my mind…

  8. The last one is an example of the first one. We can wash our hands but we are still party to an injustice.Liked them all.

  9. So true, all of them! Somehow we, as a society, seem to fail at instilling a sense of responsibility into people, starting with the young.

  10. These. Rock. Each one is just BANG so right on. Very good choice of form.

  11. I love these American sentences ~ Taking responsibility is not easy as most don’t want their hands wet or dry ~

  12. Great sentences. I was especially impressed with the last one

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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