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Questions No One Wants to Answer, Much Less Ask

Did you search for days on end to find the perfect home
for your mother, or offer her your own?

Did you think to allow a perfect home to find your child,
or was that too inconvenient?

Did you think your stand against owning a gun would
prevent the criminal from using his against you?

Did you trust the politician to care about your needs
when you had no access to his pocket?

Did you accept said politician taking over any part of your life
had anything to do with your welfare?

Did you believe bowing to another’s demands would make them
more inclined to respect yours?

Did you aspire to be morally superior by refusing to judge
another’s lack of a moral compass?

Did you imagine your opposition to those men kissing would change
the way they felt about each other?



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A Table for Two

I requested a table
for two – something quiet,
intimate – where we
could be alone … with each other.

The mood was right
the lighting perfect
the food excellent
the service superb

Her eyes swirled like
the spoon stirring her
coffee, and never met
my own.

I requested a table
for two, but at no point
were we ever alone…
with each other.


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Are You So Inclined

There is an inclination
to try and force

order into
the place of chaos,

bread into
the void of hunger,

plastic people into
positions of power,

any alabaster disaster
into a lack of faith,

something of yours
to become mine,

a demographic
to be subject to an elite,

achievers of altitude
to be brought back down…


I disagree with your ideas
of forced solutions.


Keep your order,
I will create my own.

Keep your bread,
and the associated  dependence.

Keep the plastic people
where they can do no harm.

Keep your carved deity,
there is one I worship.

Keep what is yours,
leave me what is mine.

Keep your ideas of subjection,
I will choose freedom and responsibility.

Keep your subjective equality,
I will strive for the stars.


Why would I willingly subject
myself to the ideas
of societal behavior
with which I disagree?
Are you so inclined as
to abandon yours,
…in favor of mine?


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The Shore

Life’s lasting impression,
one final


The tide comes with the heat,
waves erase


Tears mingle with the sea,
wind scatters



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no freedom for the blackbird

there is a moment — outside
of consciousness — when
we believe our eyes
able to see through the night
and we are free to wander
the landscapes
of our dreams

where broken things
are mended,
life is an exultation
and we are free
to spread wings and ride
upon the winds
of freedom…

morning light reveals
a stark terrain, liberty
caged by obligation
and the only beating
of wings
are those of the blackbird,
circling the dead who
do not arise.


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in the end

we shine lights into
dark places
fearing what is hidden
where we cannot see

we hide within our walls,
secure against
the things without
which we will not face

we shun the eaters of the dead
knowing whether we hide
or enlighten
they inevitably will devour our flesh


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