On The Menu

It is entirely possible (probable) we tend
to complicate things which are perhaps
best left simple, the sandwich, for instance.

Now, I am all for “flavor profiles” and “building
layers of flavor”, but not every meal
has to be a masterpiece.

Start with good, fresh bread — I prefer sourdough,
but rye works exceptionally well — toast lightly,
apply a sufficient amount of mayonnaise.

Next, thin slice fresh tomatoes, not those awful
things at the supermarket, and layer on the bread,
applying salt and pepper to each layer, and…

…nothing else. Have napkins on hand, the cold
beverage of choice – southern iced tea being best –
and a sunny place to eat.

Actually, it is, indeed, a masterpiece.



Filed under Poetry

5 responses to “On The Menu

  1. It is lunchtime, isn’t it. The highest compliment I can pay is that my salivary glands started acting up about the time I hit mayonnaise. I don’t have a tomato, damn it. It is one of the all time greats in the sandwich family. I’ll have to settle for cheese, a good American white cheddar. Still, tomatoes….

  2. I grew up on tomato sandwiches. Nothing better! … except your poem about tomato sandwiches 🙂

  3. Jersey Beefsteaks are best.
    Father-in-law liked tomato sammies too.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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