Free Poetry

I’ve seen them a few
times — twice on the streets
of New Orleans, once
in Atlanta, on a television show
in Grenada, Spain — students,
or homeless, or hippies (the voluntarily
homeless) perched on a curb
with an old typewriter, or pencil,
and paper,
with a poorly written sign
offering free impromptu poems,
though I am sure they would
accept a gratuity if one were
so inclined.
Given a certain conflux
of circumstances I suppose
I would be tempted
to try my hand in the endeavor,
but I fear the output
of my pen might be lacking
in the ability
to generate sufficient compensation,
not so much due to any
lack of talent or skill,
but primarily because most
of those passing by will
not care for what I have
to say.



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9 responses to “Free Poetry

  1. This made me laugh. If caricature artists in the Place du Tertre in Paris can make a living……. I dare you to try it, but make sure you have a good meal first!

  2. I do love the poems you write where I’m reading, I’m reading, POW! Great ending.

  3. i have a feel you are not far off, of any of us,
    then again for the few that actually do take them
    i would consider them seeds for the future
    and who knows, maybe it sits in their car
    until the one that needs it finds it…

  4. This is an interesting concept, Mark. I give those who write ‘free poetry’ credit for having ingenuity! But I do wonder how many stop by.. An intriguing idea actually.

  5. Ha, this made me smile! Good one…..

  6. Interesting concept. I wonder how many will still be writing poetry in a few years.

  7. Once I was asked to move to Prague and become an ex-patriot poet. I guess then I would be a real Bohemian but I was sure I would soon starve and opted for the insecurity of my current situation.

  8. awww…don’t be so down with yourself. But then again, I am the same…I don’t see passersby paying for my poetry unless I step them up with some attitude and street-talk aspects. Good evening!!!

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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