A Table for Two

I requested a table
for two – something quiet,
intimate – where we
could be alone … with each other.

The mood was right
the lighting perfect
the food excellent
the service superb

Her eyes swirled like
the spoon stirring her
coffee, and never met
my own.

I requested a table
for two, but at no point
were we ever alone…
with each other.



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14 responses to “A Table for Two

  1. That “alone…with” is a tricky thing.

  2. Subterfuge is going on here! Delicate atmosphere…

  3. A satisfying read. Thank you.

  4. charleenm

    Alone together.

  5. Hard to really be alone in a room of people..you have captured something unique here.

  6. Kath

    This is one of those situations where actions speak louder than words…sad for him!

  7. CC Champagne

    A poem that makes your gut wrench, for one reason or another, is always a masterpiece in my book… This did exactly that! Brilliant in both description and twist at the end!

  8. Tess Kincaid

    The swirling eyes spoke louder than words…

  9. Kutamun

    Thats the trouble with a blind date where your ex wife appears !

  10. This is a sad situation for him. Great poem!

  11. Dear me, yes. Awful but familiar situation. “Her eyes swirled like the spoon stirring her coffee” .

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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