Are You So Inclined

There is an inclination
to try and force

order into
the place of chaos,

bread into
the void of hunger,

plastic people into
positions of power,

any alabaster disaster
into a lack of faith,

something of yours
to become mine,

a demographic
to be subject to an elite,

achievers of altitude
to be brought back down…


I disagree with your ideas
of forced solutions.


Keep your order,
I will create my own.

Keep your bread,
and the associated  dependence.

Keep the plastic people
where they can do no harm.

Keep your carved deity,
there is one I worship.

Keep what is yours,
leave me what is mine.

Keep your ideas of subjection,
I will choose freedom and responsibility.

Keep your subjective equality,
I will strive for the stars.


Why would I willingly subject
myself to the ideas
of societal behavior
with which I disagree?
Are you so inclined as
to abandon yours,
…in favor of mine?



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12 responses to “Are You So Inclined

  1. Certain and strong words..freedom and responsibility can be liberating

  2. CC Champagne

    Brilliant! Both in the use of the words AND in the message it purveys!!! Bravo!!

  3. Mark, this is a wonderful poem – brilliantly put together, the wordle words with your powerful message.

  4. So true.. and let those plastic people stay were they are… very good.

  5. Great closing question.

  6. Too late I am afraid it has already happened! What is the next option?

  7. Love what you did with the words. They fit right in.

  8. Mark, the world is so full of plastic people. Well done and I love the format you have used here.


  9. Wonder piece, love the flow of it too

  10. This piece rocks!! I am in total agreement.

  11. Force bread into voids — yes indeed. Very well written, Mark.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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