The Shore

Life’s lasting impression,
one final


The tide comes with the heat,
waves erase


Tears mingle with the sea,
wind scatters



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22 responses to “The Shore

  1. This is one of those I’d like to click the like button a dozen times…but that doesn’t work. They tie together AND stand apart so beautifully.

  2. wow!!! wow!!! What inspired you to write this piece? Incredible words and images. 🙂

  3. nice how you tied each of these in mark…one final good bye…

  4. I enjoyed how you used the shore theme it fits together so well..

  5. Poignant but very well done Mark ~ The last one just sears my heart ~

  6. very well done… really love how the nature images carry the deeper meaning here mark

  7. Wow! they are so powerful.

  8. salt added to more salt
    au revoir

  9. love this set tinged with sadness…

  10. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade)

    This has powerful impact.

  11. A great series, Mark. I think the last one is my favorite.

  12. I was thinking as I read the examples given by the prompt’s creator that the problem was his end words were weak and the form doesn’t give room for much play. Your examples show what can be done with the form.

  13. I liked your first one especially. Yup, we will all go through that on our final day.

  14. Very metaphysical! And yes, each one works on its own, but all of them together are even more powerful.

  15. Oh the sadness in the last one.. I really love the whole suite.. but the last one…:-)

  16. Fantastic! You have nailed the form with these equally brilliant takes. Each made me long for sea touches. I loved it. Bookmark worthy. thank you. smiles.

  17. CC Champagne

    These three absolutely belong together… So beautiful!

  18. Excellent. The second really caught me, as I wrote one about the waves as well. Very happy to read here.

  19. These are intense little pieces.

  20. Very well adapted Mark! Brilliant shots! Love the 2nd


  21. hypercryptical

    Read the above on email a while ago, starred it and intended to visit and comment – but email got buried under a pile of others. Re-found it so here now.
    Wonderful beautiful words Mark.
    Anna :o]

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