in the end

we shine lights into
dark places
fearing what is hidden
where we cannot see

we hide within our walls,
secure against
the things without
which we will not face

we shun the eaters of the dead
knowing whether we hide
or enlighten
they inevitably will devour our flesh


Filed under Poetry

8 responses to “in the end

  1. Guess one answer is to turn ourselves into beings of light, then no darkness will ever eclipse us…

  2. well- someone has to clean up the mess we made!

  3. Those ‘eaters of the dead’ ..we never meet them

  4. I guess we need to carry flashlights …

  5. flesh is weak but not spirit…nice thoughts

  6. CC Champagne

    This really speaks to the dark mood I’m in today… Beautiful, sad and very nicely written!

  7. Bright, ingenious, topped off with a piercing stab…

  8. I always shun eaters of the dead. They are a nasty bunch!

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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