The Lady and Her Fans

It is an ancient art,
a dance defining seduction
long before the age of blatant
clothes on, fans splayed,
skilled at exciting the imagination.

She moves slow, perfectly in tune
with the pulse of the music,
feathers skillfully interposed
between searching gazes
and forbidden views,
an ever elusive promise.

Her body and the fans
become an increasingly
irrelevant part of the dance,
her gaze locked
on the audience
through each turn and twirl.

By the end I am convinced
she looks at — and dances
for — none other than me.


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5 responses to “The Lady and Her Fans

  1. I like the lead in to the final stanza. The final stanza is the strongest. The peacock?

  2. Beautiful – sensual – everything a poem should be.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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