A Note to My Christian Brethren

So easy it is for us to forget this simple
truth: the Book is an entire work and not
meant to be taken piecemeal. You are very
quick to remember the verses which

condemn what you find offensive, or simply do
not understand, while always forgetting
the ones which pertain to you. You see,
when reading, the purpose is to look inward

for direction and inspiration, not for words
to use as weapons against others. There are sins we
Christians are fond of persecuting — adultery,
homosexuality, idleness — while seeming

to ignore equally important offenses such
as idolatry, coveting and speaking untruths …
passing judgement. Remember — if you insist
on cherry-picking verses — Jesus dining

with the sinners, stating it was for them
he came? Perhaps, if we are meant to continue
His work, to be more like Him, we should
consider more inclusive words and deeds

to draw our fellow sinners to Him, instead
of continually striving to push them away.


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4 responses to “A Note to My Christian Brethren

  1. Widow Beach

    Good word. There are also those who cherry pick verses that condemn themselves continually–I pray God illumines the grace verses for them, lest they live in despair rather than hope.

  2. AMEN! I’d love to share this on facebook, if that is okay with you, Mark. ~Marie Elena

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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