March Mo(u)rning

The piper plays
amazing grace,
tears are shed,
along with
the drops
of yesterday’s rain,
falling from
bare branches.


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15 responses to “March Mo(u)rning

  1. currankentucky

    There is so much space in this. Space in which mourn..

  2. Mark, I love the spare quality of this – not a word wasted.

  3. Widow Beach

    Beautiful loss and sadness. Poetry, where would we be without it.

  4. the piper sent shivers down my spine… palpable loss… very well done mark…

  5. amazing grace on the bagpipes…
    it gets me every time.

    and usually only hear it
    in the passing.

  6. That Grace and its namesake hymn move me every time, and sometimes I know they are not the same but sometimes, paradoxically, they are. Lovely poem.

  7. Your grasp of emotion and how it is tied to time and place really reminds me of some of Frost’s shorter pieces. I think this is an exceptional piece of poetry.

  8. tis a sad song when the pipes play..

  9. hanna

    This says it all…
    Emptiness in every phrase

  10. Beautiful, and I thought the same – this is so evocative of the pipes being played graveside. I have heard Amazing Grace played there, and it catches one in the throat for sure.

  11. such a scene.. this has haiku quality in the sparceness of what you write.

  12. This very evocative poem leaves me with a feeling of sadness.

  13. Always expresses a feeling of loss with the passing of a loved one alive or dead!

  14. the form of this poem so matches its content. lovely. thanks!

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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