trees no more
than a blur
in peripheral vision…

as if speed
could create
enough distance.

vultures flee
as I hurtle by,

carrion left strewn
along the way.


Filed under Poetry

12 responses to “Roadkill

  1. One of life’s nightmares, well told. The brevity makes it powerful!

  2. There we are, the Windham poetry I know and love 😉

  3. yikes…all the bodies that litter the road…
    and one day we will as well…

  4. Isn’t that how life is.. we try to escape the roadkill along our path… very poignant…

  5. scotthastiepoet

    The distance speed creates – beautifully done and truly poetic Mark With Best Wishes Scott

  6. Ouch! So Poignant and so vivid! GREAT poem

  7. The car being the dominant species on Earth..? More than 1 billion now… a poignant write.

  8. Nicely done. I can’t help but regret each time I pass a raven or vulture covered corpse that the animal ‘almost’ made it. And then I wish I could stop on the mad rush of the highway for a photo of those awesome birds. This is a tight and brilliant write. Well done.

  9. High speed deja vu . . . Great piece!

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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