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Lift Your Face

My daughter asks,
why do we bow our heads
to pray? Shouldn’t
we look
up towards Heaven?

Yes child, lift your face
and open you eyes.
Gaze unashamed
into the face
of glory,

find the love
promised there,
and He will revel
in your innocence
and joy.

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Trivial Things

we wail
about the weather

and the vagaries of aging,

or opinions of others
we find absurd,

but, very little time do we spend
on changing the things
we actually control:

the condition of our heart,
the malice in our thoughts,
or the comfort of others.

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Behind Her

It struck me then how she
never spared time for regret,
choosing to caress
her past with the same
tenderness as the last touch
of a lover’s face, able to pair
goodbye with a smile.

It was naive to expect
this time might be different
that I would be the first
to make her glance back.

I stand motionless,
waiting for a look to save me.
She walks into the scarlet sky,
leaving bits of me behind
her on the sand.


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